Your core business contracts need to reflect what is happening on the ground (or in the water)...

We protect your business with clear, concise contracts that actually reflect how you do business.

Agribusiness and Aquaculture

We believe that your contracting process should be just as streamlined and efficient as the rest of the business. 

Working with some of Australia’s largest and most innovative food production companies, we know that contracts in the food production space aren’t like those in other industries. 


The first thing we do when working with a new food production client is to work with your operations and finance people to make sure that we understand how your core processes and / or business relationships are structured.  There is no point putting in place a contract, particularly in the food production industry that doesn’t reflect what is happening on the ground (or in the water).  

Whether it’s transport and logistical issues, seasonal variations or the perishable nature of the products, your contracts need to reflect how you actually do business.

Get it right

Once we understand your processes, we then work with your internal team to produce clear, concise contracts which:

    • are commercially balanced and respect the often long term relationships that exist between businesses in your industry; and
    • deal with the specific risks you need covered off.


We then automate your contracts and make them available via your own specifically designed online contract portal which ensures that:

    • accurate contracts can be produced in a matter of minutes;
    • your people are always using a fully maintained up to date version of your contracts;  and
    • avoidable mistakes can be removed due to the automation technology that we employ.

Ongoing legal support

We back this up with on-site or virtual training for all of your people who will be using the contracts and the online contract portal.  Some users may complete a contract completely on their own; others may need assistance – we are always available to provide as much or as little legal support as may be required.

Agribusiness and Aquaculture

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