Controlling your risk while reducing delays...

Our approach helps you to speed up delivery while maintaining consistency across multiple contracts and business units.

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We believe that a centrally managed contracting platform is one of the key ways to increase delivery speed and manage your company's risk position.

We help to put in place the systems and content to enable you to achieve consistency across multiple contracts, business units and in some cases across multiple jurisdictions. 

We then work with you to make sure that your people have access to the most up to date contract tools at all times – this systems based approach to contract generation significantly decreases turnaround time by giving more people access to pre-approved and centrally managed material.

Creating the Standard

Typically, the first thing we do is to work with your legal and / or procurement teams to identify the preferred standard contractual risk positions and processes.  This is often captured in a baseline contract template that is set up in the company’s approved format, includes many of the preferred standard and fallback contractual positions together with an internal knowledge base setting out guidance on each of these positions.   

Collection of these contractual terms and knowledge base in a central point then enables them to be managed centrally and quickly reused across various contracts.

Using the Standard

Once we understand your processes and preferred risk positions we then work with your internal team to produce clear, concise contracts without legalese which:

    • are commercially balanced therefore cutting down on unnecessary negotiation time later;
    • are consistent in look and feel across multiple contracts and business units; and
    • are made available 24/7 to the right people and in the correct format.


Using our document automation expertise and specifically designed online contract portal, we then make it easy to provide different users in various business units with custom permissions and workflows. For example we can set up workflows so that:

    • any user may be able to create a .pdf version of a pre-approved Confidentiality Agreement in minutes;
    • only the Procurement team receives Word editable versions of a Works or Project Delivery contract; or
    • contracts of a specific type or with a monetary value above a preset threshold are automatically routed to the management team.

Ongoing legal support

We back this up with on-site or virtual training for all of your people who will be using the contracts and the online contract portal.  Some users may complete a contract completely on their own; others may need assistance – we are always available to provide as much or as little legal support as may be required.

Energy and Utilities

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