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We help in-house legal teams to improve business processes by providing systems, resources and expertise to reduce the need for additional headcount.

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Treat us as your legal operations support team and let us help you put the processes and tools in place to overcome the ‘doing more for less’ challenge.

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As an exceptionally busy in-house legal team, we sought an external provider who could assist us to continually improve our contracting processes to keep them relevant and accessible for the entire business. ConMoto Group has gone above and beyond to help us to review, develop and deploy a whole range of contract applications, not only using the right legal technology tools, but also providing a fantastic level of support and responsiveness. Through our relationship with ConMoto Group, we have given our internal clients access to a number of self-service tools and managed to increase the throughput in our own team. I recommend them to any in-house team who wants to streamline the contracting process across their business.

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