Don't let contracts expose your business to unnecessary risks and delays.

We help you to apply a consistent approach and risk profile across multiple business units and departments and provide the tools to service their needs quickly.


Stop sprinting to pull together contracts urgently with an efficient, cost-effective system tailored to your specific requirements.

We help you take control by developing your organisation’s ‘Contract Template’, including standard contractual positions that can be managed centrally and reused across various contracts.

Once we’ve identified your highest volume contracts, we work with you to prepare clear and concise core business contracts with options designed to suit a wide range of commercial circumstances, to provide better tools for commercial users.

Using document automation, we make it easy to provide different users in various business units with custom permissions and workflows. For example, any user may be able to create a Confidentiality Agreement in minutes, but only the Procurement may receive Word versions of Services Agreements.

Once the core-contracts are deployed, we are always available to support your users and to give you as much or as little legal support as you may need.

Supercharge your:

• Procurement contracts
   ○ Works contracts, including D&C, construct only, EPC and ECI arrangements
   ○ Subcontractor contracts
   ○ Supply of Goods contracts
   ○ Supply of Services contracts
• Core commercial legal documents
   ○ Confidentiality agreements
   ○ Amendment, termination and novation deeds
   ○ Commercial leases
   ○ Employment contracts

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