You shouldn't have to build your own mini law firm

Engaging ConMoto will provide you with better legal support than hiring ConMoto's brightest, most talented lawyer* as a full time employee.
Why? One lawyer will be busy immediately, occasionally unavailable and will generally not have the time or resources to put in place any systems. Hire another lawyer to help the first busy one and you're on your way to building a mini law firm.

With ConMoto you'll always have the right legal resource. From regular access to a highly experienced lawyer to help support your management team, to self-service tools to help you knock over repetitive work quickly.

What to expect

Following a Legal Health Check (due diligence to help us understand the state of legal operations in your business), we’ll start putting systems in place for you, including a Cadence portal to bring together all of your legal, policy, governance and contract resources into one place. From then on, you can slide all your routine legal work off of your desk and onto ours.

To keep improving your systems over time, we recommend catching up regularly (usually monthly). If you find you need to dial up or dial down the level of legal support you’re getting, go for it! It may take a bit of adjusting in the beginning, but after a few months you’ll be looking forward to predictable spend and effective legal support from then on.

Routine legal support

We specialise in undertaking all of a business' expected and routine legal & contracting work as part of a fixed monthly retainer.

We can look after all of your routine contract drafting, contract reviews & advice as well as advice in relation to regulatory compliance, commercial leasing, licensing and intellectual property matters.

We're so confident we can keep up with whatever you throw at us because of our continual investment in systems like Cadence.

Strategic legal support

With ConMoto Group, you'll get access to a General Counsel level lawyer who can contribute at a management team level and put in place systems and processes to ensure that the legal & contracting needs of your business are being managed in a centralised and systemic way.

As far as possible, you'll always get access to the same lawyer so that they can get to know your business better over time.

Legal support for the unexpected

Good systems and processes go a long way towards dealing with legal issues before they become big and ugly. But if things do go wrong, we are fully equipped to run dispute matters and litigation.

While we would run these outside of any retainer, the familiarity we would have with your business from the routine and strategic matters would put us in the best possible position to resolve these matters as efficiently as possible.