Our values

At ConMoto Group our core values underpin everything we do:

Sustainability – we take the long view and act now with the future always in mind

Engagement – we all have a voice, and we want to hear yours

Improvement – everything we do is an opportunity to improve the way we do it

Practicality – practicality and speed beats tradition and perfection every time

Our story

We started ConMoto Group in 2019 in Hobart, Tasmania. Our original team of three has been growing ever since and now includes both lawyers and software engineers working side by side to provide the best possible legal and legal-process improvement services.

When we started the business, we were very clear that we did not want to start just another law firm. Our aim, then as it is now, is to provide a better experience for our people and clients than a traditional law firm or an unsupported in-house legal team.

We formed this view having spent time in top-tier, mid-tier and ‘boutique’ law firms, as well as a number of in-house corporate positions. This experience told us that the way that commercial law is practised needed to change and the working environment could and should be so much better for the people working there. Fortunately, it turns out that these two things are closely connected.

By focusing on knowledge capture and investing in systems and technology, we could dramatically reduce the need for the billable hour and all that goes with it. To be the kind of business that continually improves and is prepared to experiment with new ways of doing things, we needed engaged, passionate people with diverse skill sets who all have a voice in the business.